Company Formation Service (CFS), Your Door Way To China


China, with a population of over 1.3 billion, a land area of 9.6 million km2 , a GDP growth by double digits over the past few years, and strong economic development enhanced by foreign demand and domestic consumption has a huge potential market for business development. Now more and more investors rush to China for business setup and market share in form of WFOE or joint venture, owing to China’s market, labor and policy advantages.

To be able to legally start and do business in china, a business owners must first legally register their business under the People's Republic of China. Once this has been achieved, they are  able to open their doors and start doing business in China. However, a complicated registration process and different department bureaus approval:

  • Check the company name, Applying business license  with local ICAB (工商局)
  • Obtaining Bureau of Trade and Industry (贸工局) for certificate of approval
  • Getting approval from the Fire and Environment Bureau(消防\环保局)for manufacturing sector
  • Apply for stamps from the Public Security Bureau(公安局)
  • Apply for the Organization Code License from Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision(国家质检局);
  • Register to National & Local Tax Bureau(国\地税局);
  • Apply for the Certificate of Statistics from State Statistical Bureau(国家统计局);
  • Getting a permits from a bank authorities to open a bank account
  • Register for Foreign exchange IC card & registration license from National Administration of Foreign Exchange(国家外汇管理局)
  • Apply for Financial Registration for enterprises with Foreign Investment from Financial Department
  •  etc....

And depending on the industry sector, registration usually takes from three to six months. Hence, a careful planning and strategy plan is needed to ensure your successful to register a business in China.

In CFS, We provide you everything you need to register your business in China whatever its size.