Ours Services:

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Consultation and registration of company.
  • Post Incorporation Services in China
  • Visa application and consultation.
  • HR, Payroll & Social security service.
  • Below the line (BTL) Advertising and printing.
  • Trademark & Copyright application and registration.

Based on our various specialisations, we regularly advise and assist clients on a wide range of transactional matters involving:

  • Starting up a business in China, and initial setting up office include rental of office, Hiring of employee, Settle the payroll and social security issue, Banking issue, Tax related accountant service and etc.
  • Getting the right legal protection in Intellectual property registrations Licensing.
  • Using  our understanding of business culture and business environment in china, to provide the client with right decision in promoting their business in the market. 
  • Doing what we good at and sharing our network with the client in order for them to settle and expand quickly in the market.